Tuesday, 23 August 2011


In which no one is really tricked
And starring idiots

Just down the Neva River from St Petesburg is Peterhof, the summer palace of the Tsars.  It’s a huge sprawling series of gardens, parks, woods and crazy fountains. Some of these are just fun – like a dog chasing quacking ducks in a pool and some are supposed to be truly evil trick fountains al la sit under this nice umbrella and then “surprise!” it starts to rain on you. Of course they’re thoroughly well documented somewhat undermining the surprise element but fun nontheless.  Waited with an enormous crowd for a good 10 minutes for water alley to be ‘turned on’ by a man who walked up with a wrench.  As soon as it started, people no doubt disappointed by not being properly tricked, ran through the alley, got utterly soaked and then bemoaned the consequences.  The man with the wrench came back and turned it off, I went on my way.  

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